Imagine A World Without Borders!

The following is an old post from Paisano Sin Fronteras at Blogspot. It does not seem that long ago this concept of a world without borders was still something that may have been possible. After the presidential election last year I cannot imagine it!

As US citizen living in Mexico this is quite scary as it seems as though I may have to choose on which side I would live.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Imagine A World Without Borders!

Before 9/11, it was still possible to imagine a world without too many barriers. After this, fear took over and blinded us, and lead to our being suspicious of anyone that did not look like us or spoke “funny”! There was very little logic behind the knee-jerk reaction to anything that did not fit into the American mold. Now here we are living in a world that is full of hate and mistrust. I do not like what we have become! So I hope that in posting this, that I can encourage building bridges between the different religions, cultures, and belief systems.
I am not saying that evil does not exist in this world but that somehow if we really try we can overcome this and accept as brothers those that do not speak our language nor look like us. It is a multicultural world that we live in. and so we should chose to embrace it.
Please share your thoughts with me on this subject. We may not come to agree on many matters related to this subject but I hope that we can learn from each other and grow to respect or diversity.
Thank you,

Posted by Ricardo Montoya at 5:35 PM

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