Patzcuaro Men’s Breakfast Club

There weren’t many Americans living here when I arrived in this quaint colonial town. I was glad to hear that there was men’s breakfast group. There were eight or ten members at the time. These liberals or moderates with an occasional Republican Conservative. I gladly became a part of the group. They humorously dubbed themselves the R.O.M.E.O.’s. Not sure what the acronym stood for, but some said Rotten Old Men! Forgive me if I do not recall the rest. It does not really matter, there were varying opinions on the actual words. Some of the members have passed on.

Membership has grown to over twenty-five. Not all reside in the area full time. These are snow birds, seasonal, and what-not part-timers. Many are from the US, with Canada also represented, andThis one Mexican. No member fees other than to pay for your own breakfast. Some had been known to leave early without paying! The makeup of the group is diverse with guys of almost all persuasions and politics. There are some more Conservatives than there were at first. For a while, this result in some animated discussions!  Politics now has a more demure voice at the table. Even with some vast points of view, I find that everyone is friendly.

I enjoy the camaraderie that is found in this group. Friendships have developed and grown. Coming from different places, we’ve learned a bit from each other. Even away from the breakfast, we try to help each other. And the breakfasts make for a good session of, please excuse the expression, bullshitting!

3 thoughts on “Patzcuaro Men’s Breakfast Club

  1. The ROMEO’s breakfast this morning was at Rosie’s by the basilica. It was a full house. This might be due to the extra visitors. One turns out to be a gentleman moving from San Miguel Allende. Seems like he liked the Patzcuaro environment more. Says that his home vacating a dry arid place for a greener cooler place. Also that there way too many American expats moving to San Miguel. We get more and more expats from San Miguel and other coastal meccas moving to our town. Of course, not all show up at our breakfasts. That’s a good thing because I don’t know of any place here that could handle a group much bigger that has been showing up for Tuesday breakfasts.


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