Cinco de Mayo/The Battle of Puebla

Blame It On Mexico


Cinco de Mayo/The Battle of Puebla

From Christopher Minster,
Your Guide to Latin American History.
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Mexican Courage Carries the Day

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday which celebrates the victory over French forces on May 5, 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. It is often mistakenly thought to be Mexico’s Independence Day, which is actually September 16. More of an emotional victory than a military one, to Mexicans the Battle of Puebla represents Mexican resolve and bravery in the face of an overwhelming foe.

The Reform War

The Battle of Puebla was not an isolated incident: there is a long and complicated history that led up to it. In 1857, the “Reform War” broke out in Mexico. It was a civil war and it pitted Liberals (who believed in separation of church and state and freedom of religion) against the Conservatives…

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