My work with Cuidad Juarez and El Paso Maquiladoras

History of Maquiladoras

Seeing a story in my hometown newspaper, the El Paso Times, brought back memories of my crossing the border to work in Mexico.

Oregon “Gringo” lives the American dream on the border

Guilty as charged! I must admit the I helped move American Jobs to Mexico. That might sound heartless but in the context of the job situation in the US, you might understand the why of things. Employment in the US was very good. So much that someone working in a skilled trade could tell their boss to go shove it and walk out the door. Yes, you could go up the street and find work usually at the same or better wages. Workers had little loyalty and often did exactly that. My employer Dale Electronics based in Nebraska and North Dakota could not retain workers. So in looking for a solution. It decided to move some manufacturing to places where it could keep its workers. The City of El Paso, Texas offered many incentives for the company to move some of it manufacture there.  alternatives. A big labor pool with high unemployment, land at low cost with ultra low-interest rates provided a big draw. That was good enough for the first move. Dale Electronics was not the first high-tech company to move to El Paso. With technical training and some hands on experience, I applied for at job at their factory and got it! The city was mainly a hub for garment manufacturing so there was not need for the skilled worker. Nowhere to go without leaving, and so I was lucky to get the job at Dale as kind of a jack of all trades. I learned a lot while working there but that is a story in itself. That might include a defense for aiding and abetting the flow of jobs into Mexico.


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